Feb. 03, 2021

HARRISBURG – State Rep. Mike Armanini (R-Clearfield/Elk) issued the following statement in reaction to Gov. Tom Wolf’s more than $40 billion budget proposal for the 2021-22 fiscal year:

“Starting the day in a House Commerce Committee hearing with statewide representatives of Pennsylvania’s struggling taverns, clubs and VFW’s only provided more reasons why we cannot continue down the path where we’re being led by the governor and his administration. These businesses and social organizations continue to fight to make ends meet as our Department of Health has managed to distribute a mere 57% of available COVID-19 vaccine to potential recipients.

“We MUST do better if we are to escape from this pandemic-related economic ‘holding pattern,’ much of which is self-imposed. If we raise the minimum wage right now, how does a small business owner pay more to the remaining employees he or she has if half as many customers are coming through their doors? How does that same business pay a higher Personal Income Tax while operating at 50% capacity? Where are Pennsylvanians going to find the money to pay the inevitable higher energy bills if we impose ANOTHER tax on natural gas drillers and enroll our state in the costly, job crushing Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI)?

“We’re wearing our masks and social distancing while 43% of the ‘answer’ lies in cold storage. Once we prioritize and improve our vaccine distribution process, then and ONLY then can we even begin to consider the merit of any of the governor’s proposals.”

Questions about this or any legislative issue should be directed to Armanini’s DuBois district office at 814-375-4688, his St. Marys office at 814-781-6301 or his Clearfield office at 814-765-0593.

Representative Michael Armanini
75th Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Scott Little